Mohler answers a wide range of questions during Ask Anything Tour event at Western Kentucky University

R. Albert Mohler Jr. addressed a broad range of questions from students at the University of Western Kentucky in Bowling Green, Kentucky, November 15. The event was the fourth installment of his Ask Anything Tour, which was previously held at the University of Louisville, the University of Southern California, and the University of Southern California-Los Angeles.

In these Ask Anything Tour events, Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, answers college student questions on the topics of faith, religion, and the Bible. He opened the evening with a brief statement about the unique answers to life’s biggest questions from a robust Christian worldview before taking open-mic questions from the student body.


Mohler expresses gratitude to alumni and friends of Southern Seminary during Kentucky Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary would not exist without the partnership of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, R. Albert Mohler Jr. told 160 alumni and friends of Southern Seminary at the school’s luncheon during the KBC annual meetings, November 12. The group met in a full-capacity room at Malone’s Prime Events and Receptions in Lexington, Kentucky, during a break in KBC proceedings.

“Southern Seminary would not be what it is today if it were anywhere else in the world,” Mohler said. “It’s a profound privilege to look at you today and realize not only what Kentucky Baptists have given to us, but what we have given to Kentucky Baptists.”


Former military servicemen urge Christians to support former soldiers during Night of Valor event

A group of former military servicemen encouraged Christians to support former soldiers — especially former soldiers who have enrolled in seminary — during this year's Night of Valor event on Veteran's Day, November 11 at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The event was well attended by a cadre of students and veterans.

“Soldiers are dying faster because of Satan’s encouragement to harm themselves than they are on the field,” said Chaplain Ken Lovett, a doctoral student at Southern Seminary who is currently serving with the Indiana National Guard. Lovett opened the evening's events at fifth annual Night of Valor, which is sponsored by the Bevin Center for Missions Mobilization. The event aims to encourage students and soldiers and call Christians to pray for soldiers both on and off the field.


Mohler at Leadership Briefing: Margaret Thatcher believed liberty depended on a people’s ‘moral center’

Margaret Thatcher, the British stateswoman who served as prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979–1990, was an elegant woman who embodied essential leadership principles from which all leaders can learn, said R. Albert Mohler Jr. at today’s Leadership Briefing, November 5. The event was hosted by The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and held in a packed Heritage Hall.

Mohler, who is president of Southern Seminary, said he has long admired Thatcher, who was a lifelong defender of liberty. The 20th century was a breeding ground for leaders both good and bad, but the thing that set good leaders apart was a commitment to decisive opposition to evil, Mohler said. This commitment came from Thatcher’s unshakeable commitment to morality as the center of a well-functioning state. 


Evangelical preachers urge the critical importance of purity in ministry during the 2019 Expositors Summit

There are many important aspects to being a faithful preacher of the Word of God: preaching the text faithfully, leading the local church effectively, and discipling and encouraging believers under one’s care. But one of the most critical features of godly church leadership exists under the surface of each pastor’s ministry, and if it is not present, it could rot the pastor from the inside-out.

A cohort of evangelical preachers urged 500 attendees at the 2019 Expositors Summit to conduct their lives and ministries above reproach. Purity sets apart ministers of the Word of God, they said, and adorns the gospel they preach to the people of God. The main speakers at the Expositors Summit were Alistair Begg, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Hershael York, Charlie Dates, and Bob Russell, and they spoke in Alumni Chapel at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on October 29-31.


Andrew Walker announced as associate dean of the School of Theology and director of the Henry Institute during trustee meetings at Southern Seminary

The Board of Trustees at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary convened for its biannual plenary session on October 14, hearing reports about the health of the institution and affirming all committee recommendations.

The plenary session took place during the seminary’s Heritage Week events, which begin on Monday morning and conclude on Wednesday afternoon.

During Monday’s events, Southern Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. announced to trustees the appointment of Southern Baptist and ethicist Andrew Walker as Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Apologetics, associate dean of the School of Theology, and director of the Carl F.H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement.


Historian and Princeton professor Jack Tannous delivers fifth Jenkins Center academic lectures

Princeton University history professor Jack Tannous visited The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to deliver the fifth Jenkins Center academic lecture, which was held on September 20-21. More than 180 people attended the event in Heritage Hall to hear Tannous, assistant professor of history at Princeton, deliver a series of lectures titled, “Middle Eastern Christians on the Eve of Islam.”


Mohler completes two-book series on Acts for The Good Book Company

The second volume covers Acts chapters 13-28, a “watershed moment” in the early church, Mohler writes.

Albert Mohler Jr. this week released the final volume in his two-part expository commentary on the book of Acts, titled Acts 13-28 For You: Mapping the Explosive Multiplying of the Church. The first volume, Acts 1-13, released in 2018. Both books are published by The Good Book Company.


Mark Dever announced as inaugural Duke K. McCall Professor of Pastoral Leadership

Baptist pastor and scholar Mark Dever is joining the faculty of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, according to an announcement last week from President R. Albert Mohler Jr. Dever, who will continue his service as senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C., is the inaugural Duke K. McCall Professor of Pastoral Leadership at Southern Seminary.


Human embodiment is the ‘proper state of human existence,’ argued Allison during faculty lecture

God designed human beings to live fully embodied lives as the proper state of their existence, argued theology professor Gregg R. Allison during a faculty lecture at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, September 4. 

The lecture, titled “Four Theses on Human Embodiment,” was delivered in the historic Broadus Chapel, which was filled to capacity with students, faculty, and staff of Southern Seminary. 


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