The future of the Southern Baptist Convention

Garrett E. Wishall — October 29, 2009

Future of the SBC is hopeful if Great Commission remains central and key questions are addressed, SBC leaders say at Union University conference Southern Baptists today have much to be thankful for and build upon from their forebears, but must consider structural changes to the Southern Baptist Convention and embrace…

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SBTS chapel live blog: David Prince – 1 Peter 2:4-10

Garrett E. Wishall — October 29, 2009

Preacher: David Prince, pastor of preaching and vision of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Ky. Text/title: 1 Peter 2:4-10 – “Crying Stones or Whining Rocks? The Living Stone and the living stones.” Prince began by sharing the story of a middle school athlete. This athlete worked hard in practice,…

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Oct. 26 Towers: SBC future conference at Union University; 3 questions with Danny Akin

Garrett E. Wishall — October 28, 2009

The Oct. 26, 2009, issue of Towers (accessible online or via pdf) features coverage from Union University’s Southern Baptists, Evangelicals and the Future of Denominationalism conference. Southern Baptists must address “hard questions” Danny Akin says. Next generation will shape the future of the Southern Baptist Convention, R. Albert Mohler Jr….

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SBTS chapel live blog: James Hamilton – 2 Samuel 11

Garrett E. Wishall — October 27, 2009

Preacher: James Hamilton, associate professor of biblical theology at Southern Seminary. Text/title: 2 Samuel 11 – The wife of Uriah. Hamilton prayed that no one in the room would fall to sexual immorality and adultery by the grace of God. Our culture is awash in sexual immorality and adultery. Our…

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Mohler: Pray for GCR Task Force Meeting in Dallas/Ft. Worth

R. Albert Mohler Jr. — October 26, 2009

This article first appeared at, which is the location for R. Albert Mohler Jr.’s articles on the Southern Baptist Convention. ————————————————— The Great Commission Task Force is gathering in Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex for important meetings as we continue the work assigned to us by the Southern Baptist Convention.  Please…

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3 questions with Micah Fries, young Southern Baptist pastor in Missouri

Garrett E. Wishall — October 26, 2009

Micah Fries serves as senior pastor of Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church in St. Joseph, Mo. 1. What are a few things you would like to see happen in the Southern Baptist Convention over the next 5-10 years? While I am both indebted and grateful to the SBC, I recognize a…

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Great Commission Resurgence panel discussion: SBTS live blog

Garrett E. Wishall — October 22, 2009

Moderator: R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Panelists: Russell D. Moore, senior vice president for academic administration and dean of the School of Theology at Southern Seminary. Chuck Lawless, dean of the Billy Graham School at Southern Seminary. Jonathan Akin, lead pastor of Highview Baptist…

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SBC can learn from Lottie Moon’s example, Mohler says at Lottie Moon forum at SBTS

Emily Griffin and Garrett E. Wishall — October 22, 2009

Lottie Moon was one of the first missionaries to realize and understand that respecting the people she served meant spending time observing them and learning from them, R. Albert Mohler Jr., told students and faculty Wednesday at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, gave his presentation…

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Billy Graham School Dean Lawless Launches New Blog

Emily Griffin — October 20, 2009

On Monday, Oct. 19, Chuck Lawless, dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, launched, a blog centered on issues and resources relating to missions, evangelism and church growth. Writings from Lawless address issues, offer suggestions and point to resources related…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Al Gilbert – Acts 20:27-28

Garrett E. Wishall — October 20, 2009

Preacher: Al Gilbert Text/title: Acts 20:27-28 – “The Shepherd, the Local Church, and the Great Commission.” I want to focus on the pastor today, and the role of the pastor in sharing his life with the lives of the people in his congregation. I want to challenge you, pastor, as…

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