David Prince and Jeremy Haskins on how to implement and sustain change in a local church WITHOUT blowing it up

Garrett E. Wishall — April 13, 2010

Picture this situation: you have served as pastor of a particular church for less than five years. The church is growing and you think it would be wise to construct a new building. “Yes, the church was founded in 1916 and has met in the same building for 90 years,”…

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April 12 Towers: How to Blow up a Church

Garrett E. Wishall — April 12, 2010

The goal of course is to NOT blow up churches: but in reality some pastors do. Of course, what church is perfect? All churches need to grow in matching the New Testament picture of a body of people who reflect the image of Christ as individuals and as a group….

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My father’s son: Brand making name in country music

jeff robinson — April 9, 2010

In his song “Walking in My Father’s Shoes,” Craig Morgan sings lovingly of a father who taught his son how to be a man by example: “He taught me so many things, even when he wasn’t trying to,” one line recalls. Country music has a cherished tradition of emphasizing the…

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SBTS chapel Mullins Lectures live blog: Bryan Chapell

Garrett E. Wishall — April 1, 2010

Preacher: Bryan Chapell Text/title: Romans 15:4; “Hope’s Journey” The question before is whether the examples I have already given from Gideon and Colossians of Christ-centered interpretation are unique instances or whether they are normative throughout Scripture. Instead of trying to make Jesus Himself mentioned in every text, magically appear in…

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SBTS live blog: Bryan Chapell — Mullins Lectures

Garrett E. Wishall — March 31, 2010

God’s love is not based on our heroic or holy actions. What is the basis of God’s love? His grace. I know you know that, but the implications can be difficult for even the most mature Christian to apprehend and live out. Most of our human relationships are consequential and…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Bryan Chapell Mullins Lectures – Judges 7

Garrett E. Wishall — March 30, 2010

Preacher: Bryan Chapell Text/title: Judges 7 – Use for Useless Heroes I had the privilege when I graduated from Covenant Seminary of pastoring the oldest and largest church in our association. To tell you I felt like hot stuff would be an understatement. What I didn’t recognize soon enough was…

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Latest SBJT examines Calvin’s legacy at 500

jeff robinson — March 26, 2010

John Calvin is many things to many people. To Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the great reformer from Geneva was a hero to be admired, a man whose system of theology was “the nearest to perfection.” To Pentecostal televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Calvin was a man in league with Satan who “has caused…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Chuck Lawless – John 4:1-42

Garrett E. Wishall — March 25, 2010

Preacher: Chuck Lawless Text/title: John 4:1-42; “Come see a man: The simplicity of the Great Commission.” We live in a complex world with complex issues. We must address those complex issues. There are complex issues related to the Southern Baptist Commission and Great Commission Resurgence. We have all kinds of…

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What hath Nashville to do with Jerusalem? Russell D. Moore on country music’s relationship to the SBC

jeff robinson — March 24, 2010

How long have you been a country music fan? Russell D. Moore: I have always listened to country music. Probably my earliest memories are of being in the living room with my parents and grandparents listening to an eight track with a compilation of the best of the Grand Ole…

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March 22 Towers: What hath Nashville to do with Jerusalem?

Garrett E. Wishall — March 23, 2010

The March 22 issue of Towers has a bit of a twang in its tune. The most recent issue of Towers spotlights country music, including its relationship to the Southern Baptist Convention; its impact on, and reflection of, American culture; and Southern Seminary connections to the country music world. Stories…

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