Mohler to SBTS grads: You won’t finish what you start

jeff robinson — May 14, 2010

Christian ministers are not professionals who take their degrees into the world seeking success as it is typically defined, but instead are deployed for a task of Gospel proclamation which they will not finish, R. Albert Mohler told the 205th graduating class at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on Friday….

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Mohler, SBTS to lead reformation tour to Germany, Switzerland

emily griffin — May 10, 2010

The lives and teachings of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Knox molded and shaped much of what we know as Western Civilization. Through the reformers and the influence of their followers, we have gained many of the religious and cultural enjoyments we daily experience – the Bible in our own language,…

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New School at SBTS thriving after one year, Stinson and Mohler tell trustees

jeff robinson — April 29, 2010

It has been one year since The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary founded the School of Church Ministries and dean Randy Stinson told trustees on April 20 that the new school has gained significant strength during its first year. In the spring of 2009, Southern merged the School of Church Music…

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Don’t waste your summer — SBTS expands summer course offerings

Emily Griffin — April 27, 2010

Students of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary will have twice as many classes from which to choose this summer and the seminary has expanded its summer schedule by five weeks. More than 30 one-week course options are available, many of which are being offered for the first time as a…

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April 26 Towers: Don’t waste your summer plus EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE of T4G Late Night event

Garrett E. Wishall — April 27, 2010

The April 26 Towers offers the exhortation to Southern Seminary students: “Don’t Waste your Summer” and provides exclusive coverage of the Together for the Gospel Late Night event that featured R. Albert Mohler Jr., Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan and C.J. Mahaney exhorting 200 young leaders. Southern Seminary is expanding its…

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Jones book receives Christian retailers’ award

jeff robinson — April 27, 2010

Timothy Paul Jones’ book, “Christian History Made Easy,” this week won a prestigious award from a major Christian retailing entity. Jones’ 2009 work received the 2010 Christian Retailers’ Choice Award in the Christian Education category. Jones’ 2009 book, from Rose Publishing, provides a 220-page summary of the entire sweep of…

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Book review: ‘The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love’

Garrett E. Wishall — April 26, 2010

“The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love: Reintroducing the Doctrines of Church Membership and Discipline” by Jonathan Leeman (Crossway 2010, $19.99) If it is true that all people will know Jesus’s disciples through the love we have for one another (John 13:35) then enacting such love is of…

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The change matrix

Garrett E. Wishall — April 24, 2010

By William D. Henard, assistant professor of evangelism and church growth at Southern Seminary and senior pastor of Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington, Ky. Initiating change represents one of the most difficult tasks, if not THE most difficult task, pastors face. No one likes change. Change is difficult because…

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How to Blow Up a Church: Three Easy Steps

Jim Hamilton — April 24, 2010

By Jim Hamilton, associate professor of biblical theology at Southern Seminary and senior pastor of Kenwood Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky. 1. Be proud Who would go into a church and be proud? All of us in some way or another. But it might not be the kind of pride you…

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Serve your church faithfully: don’t wish it was like someone else’s church

Garrett E. Wishall — April 22, 2010

By Bill Cook, professor of New Testament interpretation at Southern Seminary and senior pastor of Ninth & O Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky. Churches and pastors are parting ways at an alarming rate. It would be easy to oversimplify the causes for this disaster and place the blame primarily on…

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