October “Towers” looks at political models and voting priorities

Aaron Cline Hanbury — October 1, 2012

The October “Towers” is now on stands and online. The 2012 presidential election is all anyone can talk about. It’s in the newspapers, blogs, social media and TV. As Christians, we feel an odd tension during elections. On one hand, we want to see families flourish. We want to see justice…

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Biblical inerrancy faces a new angle of moral objections, SBTS panel says

Aaron Cline Hanbury — September 27, 2012

On the surface, biblical inerrancy seems to be merely an intellectual issue. But, like most things, the surface can be misleading. Beneath the inerrancy debates — even the vitriolic controversy within the Southern Baptist Convention during the 1980s — lies a moral battle: the authority of Scripture itself versus the…

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Evangelicals should seize educational opportunity as US faces a “Mormon Moment” during election

Craig Sanders — September 11, 2012

During the 2012 election cycle, evangelical Christians will learn about the importance of clarifying theological distinctives when voting for a candidate with shared values, but who is from a different religious belief system, according to a panel discussion at Southern Seminary, Sept. 11, “The Mormon Moment: Religious Conviction and the…

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“Towers” hosts free writing seminar, Sept. 21

Aaron Cline Hanbury — September 5, 2012

Southern Seminary’s Office of Communications invites all students, faculty and members of the Southern Seminary community to attend the “Towers” writing seminar, Friday, Sept. 21, from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., in Honeycutt 246. Jeff Robinson will help attendees hone academic, Web and popular writing, with a particular emphasis on journalism….

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September “Towers” urges missional living in Louisville

Aaron Cline Hanbury — September 4, 2012

The September “Towers” is now on stands and online. The cover text for this “Towers” issue, “rooted progress,” borders on oxymoronic. Rooted things stay still. Progress, well, progresses. And that’s the point: seminary culture is a transient culture, and so sometimes it becomes easy for students to lose focus on the…

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Mohler comments on Romney’s faith at NPR

S. Craig Sanders — August 30, 2012

A recent article by National Public Radio, Aug. 29, included an interview from R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Seminary. The article, “The Risks And Rewards Of Romney’s Faith Story,” features various opinions about how the Republican presidential candidate’s Mormon faith will affect the election. “When it comes to…

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Patterson urges SBTS students to hold fast to inerrancy, signs copies of new commentary

Craig Sanders — August 28, 2012

Commemorating the battle fought for the inerrancy of Scripture in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Seminary, warned Southern Seminary students that they will face struggles concerning that doctrine in years to come. “The devil knows that a quiet confidence in the certainty of God’s Word…

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Moore discusses student loans, seminary education at The Wall Street Journal

S. Craig Sanders — August 24, 2012

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial, Aug. 24, written by Southern Seminary’s Russell D. Moore, dean of the School of Theology and senior vice president for academic administration. The article, “Student-Loan Debt and the Future of Seminaries,” discusses affordable seminary options for churches and future pastors. Read Moore’s featured…

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Mohler writes about Helen Gurley Brown, sexual revolution at The Atlantic

Aaron Cline Hanbury — August 23, 2012

Southern Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. published an essay about Helen Gurley Brown and her contribution to the sexual revolution at The Atlantic website, Aug. 23. Brown, an author and longtime editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, died Aug. 13. In his essay, “Why the Sexual Revolution Needed a Sexual Revolutionary,”…

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Southern Seminary to offer course credit at 2013 The Gospel Coalition national conference

SBTS Communications — August 21, 2012

Southern Seminary will partner with The Gospel Coalition (TGC) to offer up to six hours of transferable graduate or undergraduate credit available to students from Southern Seminary, Boyce College — Southern’s undergraduate school — or any evangelical school in conjunction with the 2013 TGC national conference in Orlando, Fla., April…

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