Speaking truth ‘at a cost’: Southern Seminary Ph.D. graduate writes on same-sex marriage

RuthAnne Irvin — December 18, 2014

The redefinition of marriage happening in America today is the ideal time for the church to shine, not despair, says professor and author Sean McDowell. McDowell, co-author of Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage, graduated Dec. 12 from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a doctor…

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Mohler offers ‘Christmas mandate’ to fall 2014 graduates at Southern Seminary

S. Craig Sanders — December 12, 2014

The mission of seminary graduates is to announce the birth of Christ and the clear truth of salvation, president R. Albert Mohler Jr. told the fall 2014 graduates of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Southern Seminary conferred degrees upon 207 master’s and doctoral students during the 214th commencement exercises in…

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Russell Moore: Extending John Leland’s religious liberty legacy for Southern Baptists — and everyone else

James A. Smith Sr. — December 11, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following profile first appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of Southern Seminary Magazine, “Religious Liberty Imperiled.” Included in the issue are essays by R. Albert Mohler Jr., “Erotic liberty v. religious liberty: How the sexual revolution is eclipsing the First Freedom”; Gregory A. Wills, “The colonial ‘spirit…

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Boyce College dean publishes ‘worldview adventure’ for children, ‘The Owlings’

RuthAnne Irvin — December 10, 2014

A worldview is a person’s beliefs infiltrating every area and decision of life. But how does one teach a biblical worldview to children in a way they understand? Dan DeWitt, dean of Boyce College, the undergraduate school at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently published a children’s novella, The Owlings,…

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Southern Seminary graduate compiles Bible reading plan paired with Hamilton text

Andrew J.W. Smith — December 9, 2014

As the new year approaches, many Christians are thinking about their next attempt at reading through the Bible. The Bible reading plans to choose from are numerous, but some people find certain plans difficult to continue once they reach the dense texts of Leviticus and Numbers. Chris Dendy, a December…

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Burk: Experience of same-sex attraction ‘occasion for repentance’

S. Craig Sanders — December 5, 2014

Christians experiencing same-sex attraction should repent of those desires, but God can transform a person’s sexual identity, said panelists at the Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting, Nov. 19. “This is what I would say to guys in my church, is ‘If you are in the moment feeling an attraction for…

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Southern Seminary’s ‘growing influence’ in ETS seen at recent meeting

James A. Smith Sr. — December 4, 2014

New Testament scholar Thomas R. Schreiner’s presidency of the Evangelical Theological Society is the latest example of the “growing influence” of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the scholarly organization, seminary leaders say. During the 2014 ETS annual meeting held Nov. 19-21 in San Diego, California, Schreiner completed a one-year…

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Theology of worship exhorted at Doxology and Theology conference

RuthAnne Irvin — November 19, 2014

Music ministers are responsible to teach their congregations theology through song, according to songwriter Keith Getty at the Doxology and Theology conference, Nov. 13-15, hosted on campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Songs portraying the incredible beauty about God are what the church needs, Getty said. The conference featured…

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Grow in gospel freedom, says D.A. Carson in Southern Seminary chapel

Andrew J.W. Smith — November 14, 2014

Only gospel freedom can produce inward change, said D.A. Carson during a chapel service at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Nov. 13. Preaching from Galatians 5:16-26, Carson emphasized how the fruit of the Spirit represents the outworking of regeneration, which not only restrains sinfulness but changes the heart. “Gospel freedom…

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Southern Seminary professors receive endowed chairs

Hayley Shoeppler — November 12, 2014

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary installed seven faculty members to endowed chairs during the fall 2014 semester. Each of the chairs “has a story,” said President R. Albert Mohler Jr., “one that is integral to the history of the seminary and to Southern Baptists and to the larger evangelical world.”…

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