Stinson confronts impatience in ministry at Southern Seminary chapel

Annie Corser — September 4, 2015

Impatience reveals a deeper sin problem and selfishness than we often realize, Randy Stinson said in a Sept. 3 chapel message at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. “If you are impatient, odds are, you don’t have joy, you don’t have gentleness, you don’t have kindness, you don’t have self-control, and…

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Evangelical leader encourages believers to experience God’s love during SBTS chapel

Andrew J.W. Smith — September 3, 2015

Christians should seek to experience the love from God that is beyond understanding, said evangelical leader Ligon Duncan in chapel at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Sept. 1. “I want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt a love that is beyond your capacity to even comprehend,” said…

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Midwestern Seminary President Jason Allen challenges Southern students to finish well

Annie Corser — August 28, 2015

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Jason K. Allen returned to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to challenge students on finishing well. During the Aug. 27 chapel service, Allen preached from 2 Timothy 4:7 to remind students about Paul’s challenge to Timothy to keep their eyes on the finish line. “Don’t…

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Boyce College soccer team fuses love of sports with passion for missions

Robert Chapman — August 26, 2015

The Boyce College Bulldogs soccer team will kick off its inaugural season in September. In recent weeks, the program hired an experienced head coach, finalized its roster of players, and secured a location in downtown Louisville for its home games. But the work to start the program began more than…

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Mohler calls for gospel action ‘while there’s time’ at Southern Seminary convocation

S. Craig Sanders — August 25, 2015

  Cultural hostility to the gospel should compel Christian ministers to proclaim God’s message with faithfulness and urgency while there is still time for repentance, said President R. Albert Mohler Jr. during The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Aug. 25 fall convocation. “More is hanging in the balance than the horror…

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Southern Seminary students join 500 to protest Planned Parenthood

James A. Smith Sr. — August 22, 2015

A significant contingent of students, faculty, and staff of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary bolstered 500 pro-life protesters at Louisville’s Planned Parenthood office, Aug. 22. The protest was part of a nationwide effort in 320 cities to bring public attention to the nation’s leading abortion provider in the wake of…

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Schreiner, Joslin discuss Hebrews ‘warning passages’ at Alumni Academy

Andrew J.W. Smith — August 19, 2015

The book of Hebrews urges believers not to fall away but instead to behold the excellencies of Christ, said two New Testament professors at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary during the Summer Alumni Academy, August 6-7. “It’s worth it to stick with Jesus, no matter what happens, because he’s better; he’s…

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IMB missionary, wife of SBTS alumnus, killed in auto accident

SBTS Communications — August 17, 2015

On the evening before she and her family had planned to return overseas, Kyra Lynn Karr, a Southern Baptist missionary to Italy, was killed in a traffic accident, Aug. 13. News reports indicate a tractor-trailer driver exited his vehicle to conduct a safety inspection but the safety brake was not…

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Responding to Islam with gospel proclamation, not fear: Ayman Ibrahim encourages ministry to Muslims

Andrew J.W. Smith — August 13, 2015

Ayman Ibrahim knows Arab and Muslim culture as intimately as anyone. The newly appointed assistant professor of Islamic studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary grew up in a Coptic Orthodox family in Cairo, Egypt, and he wants more American evangelicals to reshape the way they think about their Muslims…

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Southern Seminary student, father of 4, killed in crash

SBTS Communications — July 28, 2015

A car crash in southern Indiana July 23 claimed the life of a husband and father of four who was also a Master of Divinity student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Wade Alan Stephenson, 42, was struck near Posey Chapel Road and Kansas Church Road in Fredericksburg, Indiana, when another…

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