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New home of Boyce College dedicated in grand re-opening of Mullins Complex

Hayley Shoeppler — August 20, 2014

The newly renovated home of Boyce College, the undergraduate school of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, was dedicated Aug. 19 in a ceremony led by President R. Albert Mohler Jr. “This is a day that marks a significant step forward for Southern Seminary and Boyce College and one we celebrate…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Mark Dever

Garrett E. Wishall — April 20, 2010

Preacher: Mark Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Text/title: Mark 10:13-16 – Children You see the future first in children. Every parent can see traits of their own begin to sprout in their children. You see this also in the culture. You had 10-year-olds using…

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SBTS chapel Mullins Lectures live blog: Bryan Chapell

Garrett E. Wishall — April 1, 2010

Preacher: Bryan Chapell Text/title: Romans 15:4; “Hope’s Journey” The question before is whether the examples I have already given from Gideon and Colossians of Christ-centered interpretation are unique instances or whether they are normative throughout Scripture. Instead of trying to make Jesus Himself mentioned in every text, magically appear in…

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SBTS live blog: Bryan Chapell — Mullins Lectures

Garrett E. Wishall — March 31, 2010

God’s love is not based on our heroic or holy actions. What is the basis of God’s love? His grace. I know you know that, but the implications can be difficult for even the most mature Christian to apprehend and live out. Most of our human relationships are consequential and…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Bryan Chapell Mullins Lectures – Judges 7

Garrett E. Wishall — March 30, 2010

Preacher: Bryan Chapell Text/title: Judges 7 – Use for Useless Heroes I had the privilege when I graduated from Covenant Seminary of pastoring the oldest and largest church in our association. To tell you I felt like hot stuff would be an understatement. What I didn’t recognize soon enough was…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Chuck Lawless – John 4:1-42

Garrett E. Wishall — March 25, 2010

Preacher: Chuck Lawless Text/title: John 4:1-42; “Come see a man: The simplicity of the Great Commission.” We live in a complex world with complex issues. We must address those complex issues. There are complex issues related to the Southern Baptist Commission and Great Commission Resurgence. We have all kinds of…

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SBTS chapel live blog: David Uth – Psalm 137:1-6

Garrett E. Wishall — March 23, 2010

Preacher: David Uth, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Orlando, Fla. Text/title: Psalm 137:1-6 – “Remember” Uth told the story of his father coming to Christ and telling his own father that he had quit his job and was going to be a preacher. His grandfather was an atheist…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Joshua Harris – Proverbs 3:5-6

Garrett E. Wishall — March 18, 2010

Preacher: Joshua Harris Text/title: Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Total Trust” The most important decisions we make in life revolve around whom we choose to trust. Think about the moments in your life when you have made an unwise choice. There is a very good chance that they have involved trusting the…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Dan Dumas – Proverbs 1:20-33

Garrett E. Wishall — March 9, 2010

Preacher: Dan Dumas, senior vice president for institutional administration at Southern Seminary Text/title: Proverbs 1:20-33 — The Dangers of Being a Professional Sermon Listener Students at Southern Seminary will spend 3,700 hours listening to lectures. Add to that hundreds of sermons from your pastor, in chapel and via podcast: listening…

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SBTS chapel live blog: Russell D. Moore – 2 Corinthians 3:11-4:6

Garrett E. Wishall — March 4, 2010

Preacher: Russell D. Moore, senior vice president for academic administration and dean of the School of Theology at Southern Seminary Text/title: 2 Corinthians 3:11-4:6 – “You are not your worldview: finding the freedom to let the faith defend itself.” Moore shared the story of accidently sending a text message to…

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