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‘Timeless’ ministry of Spurgeon examined in Alumni Academy

Jeff Robinson — October 22, 2014
Thomas J. Nettles, retired professor of historical theology at Southern Seminary, lectures on the "timeless ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon at Alumni Academy, Oct. 9-10.

Thomas J. Nettles, who recently retired as professor of historical theology at Southern Seminary, lectures on the "timeless ministry" of Charles Haddon Spurgeon at Alumni Academy, Oct. 9-10.

His sermons are still circulated around the world through books, pamphlets, and the Internet. He is quoted by thousands of pastors across the land each Sunday. His books are read and re-read. Church historians often say Charles Haddon Spurgeon was the prince of preachers, but it may accurate to say he still is.

“The ministry of a man like Spurgeon is timeless,” said Thomas J. Nettles, who studied Spurgeon for nearly 20 years in writing Living By Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. “His attentions and affections were focused on things that were not merely ephemeral, but were eternal. The longevity of interest in him is something that certainly commends him to all of us.”

More than 125 alumni of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary attended a two-day Alumni Academy, Oct. 9-10, devoted to the life and ministry of the great British pastor. Read More >

‘Daily Dose of Greek’ provides a refresher for pastors, former students

Andrew J.W. Smith — October 21, 2014

PlummerAs a New Testament professor, Robert L. Plummer is concerned that his former students are apostatizing. But he says graduates from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary are not turning from their faith, but turning from their Greek.

Plummer, professor of New Testament interpretation and the chair of the New Testament department at Southern Seminary, has taught introductory Greek courses for 15 years. After watching students invest so much time into learning Greek only to see their skills wilt from disuse, Plummer resolved to fight back against linguistic atrophy.

Realizing he may have a couple decades left of seminary teaching, he wanted to think of ways to buck this trend, and came up with a web project called “Daily Dose of Greek.”

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Floyd urges students to ‘complete the Great Commission’

RuthAnne Irvin — October 20, 2014

Christians in this generation need to complete the Great Commission, Ronnie Floyd said in a chapel service at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Oct. 16. “Let us go to places where the gospel has never been,” he said. “We must complete the Great Commission in our generation, and we need…

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Mohler: American evangelicals should expect persecution

Robert Chapman — October 16, 2014

“Opposition from the world is an opportunity to witness,” said R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, during a special Heritage Week chapel service, Oct. 15. “The opportunity of greatest Christian witness is not when we think the world loves us, but when the world quite…

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Southern Seminary trustees celebrate 20th anniversary of Billy Graham School

James A. Smith Sr. and RuthAnne Irvin — October 15, 2014

Trustees of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry during the fall trustee meeting, Oct. 13-14. During an Oct. 14 special chapel service marking the occasion, Thom Rainer, the founding dean of the Billy Graham School, preached a…

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Southern Seminary trustees accept gift of Wisconsin university campus

James A. Smith Sr. — October 15, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: For a two-minute video tour of Northland’s 660-acre campus gifted to Southern Seminary, click here. Trustees of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary unanimously accepted the gift of a Christian university campus in Wisconsin as a new extension campus of the seminary and Boyce College during its fall meeting,…

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Church mourns Southern Seminary student and family

Whitney Jones and Stephen Douglas — October 8, 2014

PADUCAH, Ky. (BP) — The funeral of a youth pastor, his wife, and two teenage sons was “the hardest thing I have ever done as the pastor of this church,” Justin Mason of Rosebower Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky, said Oct. 8 Michael Cruce, the church’s youth pastor and student…

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Mission strategists discuss church planting, revitalization at Southern Seminary

RuthAnne Irvin and Hayley Schoeppler — October 8, 2014

Without the Holy Spirit’s help, aspiring church planters are “doomed to fail,” according to mission strategists in a panel discussion on church planting and revitalization at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Oct. 2. “I think the most important thing you can do is figure out who you and and who…

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Southern Seminary student, family killed in six-car accident

S. Craig Sanders — October 7, 2014

A western Kentucky youth minister pursuing a master of divinity degree at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was killed along with his family in a six-car pileup near Nashville, Tennessee, Oct. 3. Michael Cruce and his wife Monica, both 43, and their teenage sons, Caleb and Joshua, died in the…

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Free enterprise the solution for impoverished nations, scholars say at Southern Seminary’s Commonweal Conference

Jeff Robinson — October 2, 2014

The Bible provides a blueprint for impoverished nations that gives hope for flourishing, said Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Commonweal Conference, Sept. 26-27. “Our message is that there is hope for poor nations,” said Grudem, research professor of theology and biblical studies at Phoenix…

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